Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Posted: May 28, 2013
By: Back On Track Physical Medicin



Do you think chiropractic and pregnancy don't go together? Think again.  There are many ligaments and tendons involved in pregnancy, tightness or misalignment of which can cause discomfort and pain, and possibly lead to malpositioned (breech, posterior, etc.) baby.

Back On Track Physical Medicine sees many pregnant patients for wellness throughout pregnancy. We have developed some specific stretches and exercises for our pregnant mothers that could help her for the purpose of relieving that tension.  Both mom and baby enjoy feeling a good stretch.

One exercise in particular is doing gentle squats using an exercise ball. You put the ball between your back and the wall. When you bend your knees slightly and then return to standing, the ball rolls with you down the wall slightly, giving comfortable support in proper alignment. You don't have to go down very far to begin to strengthen your legs and gluteal muscles. Strengthening your glutes is not only good for labor and birth, but can also help with urinary incontinence (in combination with kegels) and is another good life-long toning exercise.