"What a sweetheart.  Dr Fabacher was incredibly attentive and caring to my needs! I see how he works with his other patients and he is very consistant to all...he is genuine and really cares about his patient". - Linda M.

“Perhaps the best chiropractic clinic in Port Arthur! Dr. Fabacher is one of the most caring doctors I have ever encountered. He actually really cares. When I had an emergency neck injury from an car wreck he did EVERYTHING possible he could to help me, even when the time was not convenient for him or his office was closed…WOW.!!  Makes you feel better about the world when in the past you meet so many doctors who only care about money and their time, and could care less about you or your health. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”  .
-David W.

"Wonderful, wonderful people.

1. Dr. Fabacher is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and committed to helping you not only improve your health in the short-run, but develop healthy habits for life. His positive energy is contagious.

2. The front desk staff are always friendly and cheerful. Scheduling appointments is a breeze.

3. The massage was heavenly. He even navigated around two newly-pierced microdermal anchors on my upper back (prime massage area). He was extremely attentive.  4. They truly do make chiropractic care affordable. As a college student, Dr. Fabacher worked with me to come up with an affordable plan, without insurance. 

5. Reoccurring lower back pain (14+ years of ballet) is what brought me to the office. It's been 4 adjustments, and it's completely gone, but I will definitely be returning for regular bi-weekly or monthly adjustments" :)          - Lilly B

" I came to Dr. Fabacher for back aches. However he not only helped me with my back but also tendonitis in right wrist, elbow and shoulder. I didn’t realize he could help with my sinus headaches! After taking Tylenol sinus daily, I was able to go off meds completely"  - Elizabeth M.

"I've been a patient at Back On Track for one month now and it's amazing how my body is responding to the care I am receiving from Dr. Fabacher and his staff. It isn't just about getting adjusted, at Back On Track you also learn how to treat yourself better, eat better, love yourself more and so on,  then all these factors will bring healing into your body. Dr. Fabacher does an excellent job and you really get to let go of everything while he works his magic on your body with his hands. You don't have to be in pain and especially you don't need to live on painkillers. 
You are just ONE visit away from living rejuvenated, energized and mostly a happy healthy body". 

- Francisco

"Dr. Fabacher is the best chiropractor I have ever gone to! He is very thorough in adjusting every out-of-place bone or joint that needs to be adjusted to remove your pain. He is very skilled at getting everything to be in its correct place through a variety of techniques. He is in a convenient location in Port Arthur. I highly recommend him".         - Derek N.

"I feel home here! Dr. Fabacher is such a caring, sweet and understanding free spirit!  He truly has the well being of his patients at heart. He is not only knowledgeable but also takes the time to explain and educate his patients. He is the sweetest Chiropractor in Port Arthur! :)
They are very accommodating and Asia and Bella are the sweetest and helpful Chiropractic Assistants you'll meet! Come here for your full innate wellness potential. You won't have any regrets. Full massage therapy services also a plus! They are amazing!!! :) – Aylean G

"I have problems at my hip and jaw, after I go to see Dr. Fabacher my body feel much better.  Back On Track is a place full of great energy and friendly staff. Dr. Fabacher is amazing and he has helped me to heal my body and is also teaching me how have a healthy mind. I like everyone there and will keep going back!! 

btw, they also have great massage therapy!  ;D          - Carla B.

"Dr. Fabacher at Back On Track really knows his stuff. He's an excellent D.C. and a pleasant person to be around on top of it. When I first saw him one of my thumbs had been numb for weeks and after a very thorough initial consultation he recommended a course of the treatment and my thumb made great improvement within days of starting. I'm happy to recommend him".     - Don H.

"Dr. Patrick Fabacher is amazing. It's really rare when you can truly call someone a healer, but it fits Dr. Fabacher. His adjustments have cleared up my persistant headaches, a strange ankle pain and recent knee trouble. He's super patient and positive and always has time to talk about what's going on with my body and answer any questions. As a big bonus, the staff at Back On Track are very sweet and accommodating. I've been late quite a few times, and they're always just happy I made it in".                   - Brenda J.

"Dr. Fabacher she saw me last minute when I had a rib out and could bear the pain no longer.  Since he set me straight I can't stop going back!  I've had back pain all my life, and seeing him regularly has kept me mostly pain free for the first time since I can remember.  Also, staff are super sweet and helpful, too.  A fine crowd at Back On Track"!        - Tracy W.

"I love Dr. Fabacher.  Amazing bedside manner.  He really cares about people and goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of.  I was having insurance problems and he dealt with them for me.  Dr. Fabacher  talks to you and listens and creates a program for you.  You are not a number to him and you will notice the difference.  I highly recommend him".     - Nolan L.

"After almost a year of being in and out of the hospital I was diagnosed with a condition called torticolis in which my head was constantly buried in my shoulder. Along with this condition I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was given a series of tests and prescribed multiple prescription medications. After only 2 months of chiropractic care with Dr. Fabacher my neck is not buried in my shoulder any more. Dr. Fabacher also recommended a change in my dietary habits and exercises, which led to both my cholesterol and blood pressure decreasing. I feel better, look better, and feel stronger! "     - Katie W.

"Dr Fabacher is amazing!!!  And so is the rest of the staff at Back On Track, I went to three different chiropractors until i finally found him and i am so pleased i did. He always has a positive upbeat personality that is contagious, and he helps you relax".      -Sedonia J.

"Dr. Fabacher is a GOD!!  His adjustments are an absolute gift from the heavens! I have been seeing Dr. Fabacher for a little over a year now, and I don't know if I'll EVER see anyone else.  I have been to many chiros, and none of them hold a candle to Dr. Fabacher and his healing hands.  Not only does he take loads of time with you and genuinely cares about your body AND soul, but his adjustments are strong and amazing.  I get the worst migrane headaches on occasion.  Dizziness, blinding, vomiting, the whole nine yards.  I had one for about 9 hours one day, went into her office, and literally 10 minutes after he did whatever he does to my neck, the migrane from Hell had been conquered, and I had the energy to do everything that I hadn't been able to get done during my day!  Everyone should go see Dr. Fabacher"!  - Tabitha W.  

"Today will be my third session at Back On Track and I can't say enough good things! Dr. Fabacher was remarkably thorough during my consultation and was able to pin point and adjust my problem areas remarkably well in my very first session. He also took the time to explain the nature of my issues and helped me understand the process through which I'd be going as we worked together to get my body back in order. Very relaxed and tons of good energy. I highly recommend you try it for yourself"!            - Joseph G. 

"Dr. Fabacher is the BEST!! I have had problems with a pinched nerve in my shoulder for years and have been givin the run around by sooo many chiros who want me to come back over and over again doing one little adjustment at a time or wanting to take expensive x-rays. Not Dr. Fabacher he gets down to the root of the issue. SUBLUXATION!! (see Dr. Fabacher I learned something;) He gives me a full adjustment every time I see him and is always willing to make up a payment schedule that works for me. I go once a week and leave feeling FANTASTIC"!!     - Brooke C.

"Dr Fabacher is truly the most amazing, sweet and caring doctor I've ever met!!! When I first came in I had recently gotten hit by a car so I had a lot of pain in my lower back and headaches every day. They were able to get me in right away when I called and as soon as I stepped in I fell in love with the whole office. The super sweet staff, the positive, relaxing, atmosphere and Dr Fabacher. He cares so much for his patients, gives the best adjustments and he's helped me tremendously with both my back, neck and in life. Thank you for being so awesome!! :)      - Ashley C.

"Four months of treatment from Dr. Fabacher have shown fantastic results. My posture is better and my back pain is all but gone (it shows up for brief periods now and again). An interesting thing is that I now realize that I had pain that I wasn't even aware of, so I feel better than I have in years. I think the most important thing is that I simply don't think about my back anymore. Now and then I'll be getting up from the couch and realize, oh wow, that didn't hurt! But other than that, my back has become a non-issue, leaving me to more important issues--like my wardrobe".      -Phoebe W.

"Also worth noting is that Dr. Fabacher is truly willing to work with you on billing/payment options no matter how dire your financial situation. I'm currently unemployed and the doctor is coordinating upcoming visits for a very affordable rate. All in all, a first-rate doctor with a kind spirit. Cannot recommend him enough. I've seen him twice and will be continuing with 3x a week visits for the next few weeks".      - Jean F.

"I've seen chiropractors off and on for the last 20 years, and it has been almost 3 years since my last adjustment. Without question, Dr. Fabacher knows what he's doing! 

I hurt my neck after doing a bootcamp-style workout (muscles were super sore and tight), and after feeling pain of about 8 on a scale of 1-10,  After my first adjustment, within 24 hours, the pain and stiffness was done to about a 2. Amazing results"!
      - Horace L.

"On my first visit he made me feel calm and relaxed. He explained everything he was doing I have been here now just over 2 months and look forward to my visits as I know when I leave I will feel great. I also love his words of inspiration Can't wait for my visit next week"!     - Sienna V.